Open Universe

Open Universe Expert Meeting

11-12 April 2017
ASI-HQ, Rome, Italy
Expert Meeting Programme 

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Meeting presentations

 The Open Universe Initiative   P. Giommi - ASI 
 Inexorable Logic of the Open Universe   A. Pollock - University of Sheffield 
 Welcome ASI President 
 Open Science at NASA Implementation and lessons learned   G. Allen - NASA 
 Space Science Data at ESA   C. Arviset - ESA 
 Space Science Data at JAXA   K. Masuda - JAXA/ISAS 
 Space Science Data at ASI   E. Russo - ASI 
 Challenges of open data provision   J. Osborne - University of Leicester 
 ESO's activities in open science data   A. Williams - ESO 
 Space and ground-based data management at the CADC   D. Schade - CADC 
 Big observatories - big data: the approach to astrophysical data 
 and open science in the CTA, E-ELT and SKA era 
 F. Zerbi - INAF 
 The IVOA and space data   G. Fabbiano - IVOA/Harvard 
 The CDS experience   M. Allen - CDS 
 Legacy power in high-energy astrophysics   R. Walter - ISDC, Geneva 
 Astronomical data in Russia   D. Kovaleva - Russian Academy of Sciences 
 ASTRONET   D. Mourard - CNRS 
 The subtle interplay between data analysis and theoretical interpretation   R. Ruffini - ICRANet 
 International Planetary Data Alliance   M. Giardino - INAF/IPDA 
 Discussion Forum: State of the archive art 
 Open Science and Space Science Data: Some OECD perspectives   C. Jolly - OECD 
 The Economic Complexity Approach to Big Data: 
 An Application to the Technological Impact of Astrophysics 
 A. Zaccaria - CNR, Rome 
 Open Data and Education   F. Arneodo - NYU, Abu Dhabi 
 Freedom of access to scientific data: Legal aspects   S. Marchisio - University Sapienza, Rome 
 Enabling Open Science with Space Data   P. P. Mathieu - ESA 
 The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD) 
 and its Network of Regional Nodes (ROADs) 
 P. Benvenuti - IAU 
 BSDC: astrophysics and space science in Brazil   U. Barres - CBPF 
 Lessons learnt from GEOSS experience in data brokering   S. Nativi - GEO/CNR 
 Open data: experience & challenges in particle and astro-particle physics   B. Bertucci University of Perugia/INFN 
 A flexible catalog system for scientific publications   F. Carrai - Kayser Italia 
 The COSPAR experience   P. Ubertini - COSPAR 
 Round table discussion